C2 Blended mobility for learners event Online (November 2021)

C2 Blended mobility for learners event Online (November 2021)

Dates: 23rd – 25th of November 2021
Hosting Organisation: CPU
Venue: Online

The blended mobility of learners (C2) of the ENTRE4ALL Project was held online between the 23rd and 25th of November 2021 and was completed with great success!

The event offered a great opportunity for adults with disabilities around Europe to exchange good practices, create networks, and take part in different workshops related to social entrepreneurship, financial and digital competencies.

Additionally, the adult learners (participants) had the opportunity to participate to different workshops such as:

  • ‘Workshop 1: Activity Cards for the Optional Modules’. The main aim of workshop 1 is for the participants to clearly understand the main objectives of the seven optional modules which are to match different job positions to each optional module. 
  • ‘Workshop 2: Business Canva Plan’ aims to learn to participants how to develop their own Business Canva Plan for their own social enterprise.