Center Ponovne Uporabe


It is a social enterprise that operates in the field of circular economy in waste prevention and reuse activities

We implement the concept of a closed loop that solves environmental and social problems.

The main activities of the REUSE CENTER are:

  • Collection of used equipment repair and re-use of electrical and electronic products, small household appliances (WEEE), furniture and bulky materials, sports equipment and children’s books, toys and other equipment;
  • Innovative renovation, redesign, work under contract for clients;
  • Collection, classification, diagnosis and redistribution of textile products;
  • Awareness campaigns, participation in international projects, exchange of best practices and support businesses to achieve prioritization of waste.

We cooperate with public utility companies and municipalities.

We employ groups of people who are less competitive on the labor market.

Today CPU has   12 employees.

We have 6 locations in Slovenia

  1. Rogaška Slatina
  2. Ljubljana
  3. Slovenske Konjice
  4. Vojnik
  5. Kočevje
  6. Ormož

The centers have open door for everyone who wants to bring useful products.

You can bring:

  • furniture (cupboards, tables, chairs, beds, shelves, …)
  • household appliances,
  • home furnishings (dishes, cutlery, glasses, decorative items, …),
  • books,
  • toys and board games,
  • sports equipment,
  • computer equipment,
  • entertainment electronics and more

The price of products is green or symbolic, because today no one asks how many raw materials, water, energy and emission you needed for the new products.

Through the research, observations and experiences of the workers from the centers, we establish that all kinds of people come to the centers; like  artists, collectors, rich, poor, young, elderly people, people who like to help others, to those who buy things, because the products from reuse centers are unique for them, people which  promote recycling and reuse.

Contact Person 1: Dr. Marinka Vovk, 

Contact Person 2: Nina Prelog,