Project aims & Background


  • To ensure social inclusion, access and participation in the digitalized labour market of young adults with a disability.
  • To produce training material and a TOOL KIT which will include all essential resources to acquire entrepreneurial and digital skills so to be able to enter the digital market and create their own social enterprise.


The development of an educational programme which introduces digital and social entrepreneurship competences for adults with a disability will address the need for overcoming the barriers the group face in the labour market. People with disabilities face important challenges in the labour market such as lower employment rates, earings and employer discrimination. According to European Commission, approximately 16% of the working age population in the EU is afflicted with a long-standing health problem or a disability. The Project derives from the fact that self-employment rates of people with disabilities is increasing due to the necessity to gain independence and autonomy, to improve their work–life balance, and adjust between disability status and working life through more flexibility in work pacing.